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Report: PlayStation 5 is Unlikely To Arrive Before 2020

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Last week we told you about a rumor that claimed to detail the technical specifications of the PlayStation 5, the next-generation console Sony, in addition to leaving the door open for a release in 2018 or 2019. Today, a report emerged that seems to rule out many of the rumors about it and which makes it clear is that we will have to wait a couple of years to have this next generation console.

According to Jason Schreier, a journalist who writes for Kotaku, a pair of developers who remain anonymous said it is unlikely that the PlayStation 5 will arrive sometime in 2019. Having said that, they made it clear that there is always the possibility that these plans could change at any time.

“On a multi-year project, a lot can happen to shift schedules both forward and backward,” said an anonymous source. “At some point, Sony’s probably looked at every possible date. It’s all about what they think is the best sweet spot in terms of hardware.”

In addition, most of the developers with whom Schreier spoke – including members of Sony’s first-party studios – denied having heard anything about the existence of the next PlayStation. In addition, the reporter showed the supposed technical specifications of the PS5 to a person who knows the plans of Sony and assures that his answer was to laugh.

Recently there were other rumors that some developers had already put their hands on PlayStation 5 development kits. According to Schreier, this is not entirely ruled out, since it could refer to some studies having early versions of these tools, which are nothing more than a PC that helps them discover the possibilities of next-generation platforms.

“As a result, before a new console is released, studios will typically work with multiple versions of development kits (…) If these early PS5 devkits are out at game studios now, they are likely extremely well-hidden. With earlier PlayStations, sources said, Sony had worked hard to keep development kits secret, even sometimes asking game studios to lock them in rooms where access was restricted to a select group of people,” said Schreier.

So, it seems unlikely that the PlayStation 5 comes this or next year, since the developers should already be preparing their launch games. That being said, in the hardware world anything can happen and something could change Sony’s plans at any time. We will keep an eye on it and inform you when there is more information about the next console of Sony.

And what about you, when do you think the PlayStation 5 debuts? What are the features that you expect to see in the next console of Sony? Tell us in the comments below.