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PlayStation 5 Will Cost $400 dollars, Pachter Predicts

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Both Sony and Microsoft unveiled their next-generation consoles: PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett, respectively. That said, no company has released important details such as release date or price.

Belonging to the first, we know that the Xbox Scarlett will launch at the end of 2020, and presumably, the PlayStation 5 will be released within the same period. But when it comes to how much the two systems will cost, we have no idea. That said, according to one analyst, both will cost $400 dollars, which is cheaper than expected.

According to industry analyst, Michael Pachter, the two systems will avoid the average price. Pachter believes that the specs of the systems suggest the price of $500, but he believes that both Sony and Microsoft are ready to cut costs in order to boost sales.

“The specs suggest $500 or so, but my bias is that Microsoft will announce $399 and Sony will follow suit,” Pachter said in an interview with Gamingbolt.

As you may know, this aligns with the prediction of another industry analyst, Pelham Smithers, earlier this year who said the PS5 would cost $400. That said, there are several rumors suggesting that the PS5 is more powerful than the Xbox Scarlett, which raises the question: will it cost more? Maybe, but it’s important to remember that the PS4 was more powerful than the Xbox One, but still $100 cheaper at launch.

There was some speculation that the two systems could reach $600 or more, but I do not see that happening.