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PlayStation 5 Pre-Orders Available on MediaMarkt At $1050

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Until the middle of next year, the new Sony PlayStation 5 will not reach the market. We know that this new console will be based on a Ryzen processor and Navi graphics. Both solutions will be based on 7nm EUV lithography. What has surprised is that the MediaMarkt in Sweden has already listed this console up for pre-orders.

MediaMarkt seems to have used another of its dubious marketing strategies to get the hype. The multinational, on many occasions, has been accused of raising prices days before without VAT. There are many who complain about receiving defective products or containing material from third parties. But what concerns us is that they have crippled the PlayStation 5.

This PlayStation 5 console is listed at 9999 in Swedish price, which in dollars is about $1050. The information that appears in the description indicates that it is temporary. This may not be the final price and if the console really ends up costing more than $1000, few will sell.

All the data in the description of the PlayStation 5 seems to be based on the leaks made so far. There is no new or interesting data. Perhaps most relevant is that it indicates that the graphics would support RayTracing technology, something said by Sony.

As we said, a lot is missing and at the moment everything is based on rumors, assumptions and leaks. There is even no consensus on the graphics quality that the PlayStation 5 supports. Sony talks about 4K @ 120FPS, although many understand it as 4K up to 120FPS. Something that seems very complicated, considering that the current AMD graphics do not come close to that resolution.

Perhaps the best thing about the PS5 is that it is compatible with PS4 games. For the rest, we’ll see.