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PlayStation 5: Sony Files Patent for a Gaming Controller With Touchscreen Display

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According to reports on Reddit, the top of Sony would have turned to the US body responsible for handling and classification of patents to record an unspecified technological device that can be used as a “gaming controller” and equipped with a touchscreen display. Could it be the new DualShock 5 controller for PlayStation 5?

The patent, in fact, is accompanied by an explanatory diagram that illustrates, albeit in an extremely general manner, the operation of the device in an environment that includes home systems connected to the Internet and interfaced with other technological devices such as a camera capable of acquiring images and retransmit them on the controller itself.

In the accompanying description of the patent is also illustrated some kind of streaming service like the one currently offered by Sony with PlayStation Now: the technical language used to file patents does not clarify, however, whether this controller with touchscreen display will be able or not to directly access the network (and therefore the services in cloud gaming) without being connected and synchronized with a console.

The future outlined by this patent, namely a PlayStation 5 equipped with a touchscreen controller capable of autonomously accessing the increasingly rich digital catalog of PlayStation Now and other cloud gaming services, is a vision of the next-gen shared by the CEO of Electronic Arts Andrew Wilson.

PlayStation 5 Gaming Controller With Touchscreen Display

In fact, at a meeting with shareholders held at the end of October, the EA boss has openly expressed his willingness to move all (or in part) the digital experiences developed by the company towards the cloud platforms, a long-term strategy that should start in conjunction with the commercialization of the Xbox Scarlett, PlayStation 5 and the new model of Nintendo Switch.

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