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PlayStation 5 New Technical Specs Revealed By Famitsu

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The PlayStation 5 console will feature a CPU based on AMD’s Ryzen line, but little has been said by Sony about it. New details, however, managed to emerge thanks to the Japanese website Famitsu.

The CPU of PlayStation 5 will be an x86-64-AMD Ryzen “Zen2” with eight cores and 16 threads. There was much speculation about the core of the new generation of PlayStation and the most logical expectation has now been confirmed. It was previously confirmed that the name of the next Sony console is officially the PlayStation 5 and that the console will appear next year.

How exactly Famitsu got these details is still unclear. The news about the launch of the PlayStation 5 has since been confirmed by a Sony employee. Sam Parker, IT Specialist at Sony, also reported via a tweet that the unveiling of the next-gen console will be done next year. Possibly more details will be shared about the new Sony console in the coming days, but the big unveiling will be done in 2020.

You can check the new specs below:

PlayStation 5 – Hardware Overview

  1. Hard Disk: Custom SSD with very high speed data access.
  2. Processor: Custom chip AMD x86-64 Ryzen “Zen 2”, with eight cores and 16 threads.
  3. GPU: Custom AMD Radeon chip based on RDNA technology with a separate 3D audio processing unit and output with a theoretical resolution up to 8K.

Sony also shared details about the PS5 controller earlier. It will receive adaptive triggers but it is not yet confirmed whether this controller will be called DualShock 5. We may receive an answer to this soon.