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PlayStation 5 Imagined in a Beautiful Concept Design

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Although Sony has not offered the final form of its expected console, fans are experimenting with very interesting designs and concepts of PlayStation 5.

PlayStation 5 is a reality, and although Sony has not given the release date or details about its future sale, it has revealed its technical characteristics at the hardware level. The machine of the Japanese company should be promising, and many users have launched to recreate their own versions or designs.

This video, which is obviously not official, was created to illustrate an article on the French website VR4Player and it is pure speculation. However, it has very interesting elements, both at the level of design and distribution of connections – with a cover that is rotated and one can discover extra HDMI ports =, as well as USB inputs -, something that is demonstrated in its global lines and forms, which swims halfway between the first edition of the current PlayStation 4 and the first version of PlayStation.

According to Mark Cerny, the architect of the console, the new system will offer improvements in the CPU, GPU and memory, what supposes a greater graphics fidelity and new visual effects, as well as more rapidity.

According to Sony’s architect, it will use a third-generation AMD Ryzen CPU with eight cores of the Zen 2 7nm architecture. The GPU belongs to the Radeon Navi family and will support ray tracing techniques.

Check the video below