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Report: PlayStation 5 Dev Kit Design Leaked

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Sony has registered a curious design of a device that has been referred to as a “console” at the National Institute of Industrial Property of Brazil. Both the company and the developers and designers have patented it as a console. Registration took place in May of this year, according to LetsGoDigital. This is a design published in a Sony Interactive Entertainment patent application, and that could give us a very, very interesting hint for the upcoming console of PlayStation 5.

In addition, this patent has also been registered in the international intellectual property registry of the World Intellectual Property Office. It is not yet known what it can be, but it could be the development kit of the company’s future console, PlayStation 5.

Console development kits do not usually look quite like the model that is just being marketed, but they can offer an idea about the work that designers are carrying out. We repeat that it has not been clear what kind of device this is, so you have to be careful.

What we have been able to notice, apart from its peculiar and strange design, is that the name that appears next to the model is none other than one of the PS4 designers and director of the Sony engineering branch, Yasuhiro Ootori.

Console development kits are usually “primitive” devices that are taught to developers so they can get to know and work with the new console model. If it were so, we see a very bold design with a large “V”. This symbol is usually very used, as it favors better ventilation and cooling for the console. In addition, “V” is 5 in Roman numerals…

In any case, and whatever it is, it’s time to keep waiting to know how this PlayStation 5 will be made. A few months ago, we learned that PS5 was more powerful than Scarlett according to the Development Kit.