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PlayStation 4: Sales in the UK increased by 204% due to PS4 Pro

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The launch of PlayStation 4 Pro seems to have had some success in the UK: as reported by MCV UK, during the last week the sales of PS4 console family grew by 204% over the previous seven days.


It seems that the project PlayStation 4 Pro is going quite well for Sony. The launch of PlayStation 4 Pro has increased the sales of PlayStation 4 over 200% in the UK, according to what is advanced by the website MCV.

Of the total, 65% was made up of PlayStation 4 Pro, with PS4 Standard and Slim who have undergone an increase of 8.5% over the previous week. In the course of the seven days examined, PS4 has sold 44% more than Xbox One, the sales of the latter, however, grew by 85% thanks to price cut on some bundle – PlayStation 4 thus has a market share of 53%, with the Xbox One to be 37%.

This is good news for Sony, which a few days ago had been known that the Xbox One was the best selling console in the US, Australia and the UK. It is excellent results for both platforms, demonstrating to enjoy good health in the UK market.

We will see how PS4 Pro will behave on the market in the coming weeks. We remind you that, according to the latest data released on September 30, 47.4 million PS4 were distributed worldwide.