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PlayStation 4 Firmware 3.50 Bug Fixes: Mic Not Working, Dualshock 4 Left Stick Click to Sprint issue, HULU not working, Remote Play problems on PC and Mac, etc


Recently, Sony has released firmware 3.50 of PlayStation 4 all across the world. The update has brought many new features such as Remote Play support on PC and Mac, and social features, etc. However, instead of making the user experience better, many users are facing problems on their PS4 after installing this new firmware 3.50 in their gaming console. So, in this guide, we will try to cover as many bugs and issues faced by the users and provide a resolution on how to fix it appropriately.

PlayStation 4 Microphone not working after Update 3.50 Fix:

There are many users who are facing problems with their third party headsets not working after PS4 firmware update 3.50, including Apple headset, Bose headset, etc. So to solve this issue, one member of the PS4 forum suggested that “”Unplug and plug in your mic extremely fast, so fast that you’re not even taking out the jack fully from your controller, and eventually, and after not very long, you’ll be able to speak Sounds”. Let us know if this solution is working for you in the comment section below.

PS4 Dualshock 4 Left Stick (L3) Click to Sprint Problem Workaround:

Some players have said that their PS4 Controller L3 analog is not functioning properly while moving to a certain spot and they are not able to move forward for not more than 2-5 seconds. Till now, not a concrete solution is given to fix this issue, but some temporary solutions are still available.

Few users reported that this problem happens due to dust building up inside the controller and to fix that, push the analog to the side and blow onto the exposed part which will dissipate the dust around the spring. Another solution is to press in the analog in the forward, backward and sideways positions.

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A youtube video also explains how to fix PS4 Controller Sprinting Error. In the description, the youtuber has written that “you need to wait until the light stops flashing on the PS4, if not then it will cause a lot of problems to the controller and Console.” I hope that these workarounds solve this controller issues, if not then please feel free to comment below.

PS4 HULU Not Working Solution:

After installing this firmware 3.50 on PS4, some gamers have reported that they are getting error message that says Hulu is corrupted or it is not working properly. To solve this problem, go to System Storage Management and delete the data but the app. The better way to approach is: Go to settings > Application Saved Data > Saved in System Storage > Delete – Select Hulu – delete. After that sign back in Hulu and thats it.

PS4 Remote Play Accessibility Problems on PC and Mac Troubleshooting:

Many PS4 users dont know the how to properly set-up PS4 Remote Play on PC and Mac. Follow all these steps on how to do that.

First, download the Remote Play app from its official website. If you are on a PC then download the PC version of the app or Mac version appropriately.

After that, on your PS4 enable Remote Play. On PS4, go to Settings and choose Remote Play Connection Settings and tick mark the checkbox next to Enable Remote Play. Now, activate the system as your primary Ps4. To do that, go to Settings and select PlayStation Network/Account Management. After that select Activate as your Primary PS4 and then choose Activate.

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Now, connect a Dualshock 4 controller to your PC or Mac into any USB port and launch the Remote Play application that you have installed. Just click on Settings and click Sign in. After that enter the PlayStation Network account details that you use on your PS4. Go to Resolution and choose the best setting that suits your machine. If you want best graphics then select High (720p), but for this your internet network should be also good for better streaming. After that, go to Frame Rate and select from High and check to make sure that your internet network can support this settings.

Lastly, click Start to begin with PS4 streaming games onto your Windows PC or Mac system.

PS4 Will Not Restart After Update 3.50 Solution:

Some users have complained that after the 3.50 firmware update download is completed on the PS4, when the console tries to restart and install the update, PS4 immediately turns off and wont turn on itself again. As a temporary solution, you need to disconnect everything from the PS4 console and leave it for a few minutes. After that connect everything back and when you get the prompt to update, then start downloading and installing it again. This time the installation will go smoothly.


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