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PlayStation 4 Elite Controller available for pre-order at Target

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The Target chain store has added to its list a mysterious “elite controller” for PlayStation 4, which incorporates the concept behind the Elite controller for Xbox One. It is not clear who is the producer of this accessory, which is for sale at a price of 75 euro.

PlayStation 4 Elite Controller

When Microsoft released Xbox One Elite Controller, they have failed in any way to satisfy a significant demand on the part of the players. However, this did not prevent third-party manufacturers to make up for this lack by announcing a device called the PlayStation 4 Elite Controller. As you can see on Target website, it is a product very similar to the Xbox One version, or at least it has great inspiration.

The joypad offers D-Pad, analog levers and interchangeable shoulder buttons, also you can use the spare controller for Xbox One. The Elite Controller also includes two different presets, and of course the ability to freely customize the functions of the various buttons thanks to the software configuration.

In the package there are numbers of accessories for customization, but unfortunately the quality of the finish does not seem particularly high, and the design is very similar to that of the Microsoft joypad.

It is unclear whether this controller has been developed by Sony and also it is not inconceivable that the company has delegated this task to other companies. Probably it will be possible to have more clarity on the subject later in the day tomorrow when there will be the event of PlayStation Meeting.

Recall that this Elite Wireless Controller of PlayStation 4 goes on sale on November 1 for about 75 euros.

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