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PlayStation 4.5 Price and Release Date Rumored

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Those who are complaining that the current generation consoles offer insufficient graphics power can rest assured, as PlayStation 4.5 already has a price and release date rumored. The console of Sony could receive a version more powerful in a short time without assuming a new change of complete generation.

PlayStation 4 Screenshot
PlayStation 4 Screenshot

Not long time ago it was leaked that PlayStation 4.5 was found in development, and different members of the industry had knowledge about it. It would be a PlayStation 4, more powerful, including 4K graphics that would lead, although both the price and release date now managed make it unlikely that such a high resolution could be reached.

On this occasion, it is Roster Teeth who has risen to his YouTube channel with some data sources made ​​available to it. According to his information, the price of PlayStation 4.5 would be $400 and the release date would be at Christmas 2016. Moreover, it seems that the developers are already working on games for PlayStation 4.5.

According to the data of this youtuber, PlayStation 4.5 games would be far superior graphically, while 4K resolution is not mentioned at any moment. These titles could be played in the current PS4 console smoothly, but the graphics would not stand out against the current.

We have already seen that Sony will launch the virtual reality headset PlayStation VR in October 2016 and PlayStation 4.5 power could do very well. Virtual reality requires advanced machines, and many experts believe that the current generation console could not make the cut. Therefore, a more modern hardware represents a strong support.

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So we know the price and release date rumored for PlayStation 4.5. In the meantime Xbox One is centered on performing sales, although we can not deny that it offers a large catalog of games for 2016. It is clear that PlayStation 4.5 could revolutionize the landscape and, in view of all the rumors that have emerged, it is very clear that there is something real in this project.

On the other hand, the site TweakTown goes even further: the console is not only equipped with a Blu-ray drive to play movies in UHD 4K/UHD, it could also play video games in 4K thanks to a more powerful processor: a new chip engraved in 14 nm, taking advantage of future x86 architectures and Zen and Polaris GPU from AMD, which, however, seems unlikely.