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PlayStation 2 Classic Games Comes To PC Thanks To PS Now

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It is normal for players to win nostalgia and feel like reconnecting their old consoles to enjoy a classic of their childhood or youth. Sony is aware of this and that is why it launched PlayStation 2 titles on PlayStation Now. This means that its subscribers can already enjoy some classics of this console on PC or PlayStation 4.

Through a publication on the PlayStation Blog, Sony announced that the PS Plus lineup for May 2018 features Ape Escape 2, Dark Cloud 2, Hot Shots Tennis and more games of PS2 that were not specified. Keep in mind that these are the PS4 versions of these classics, so they are scaled to 1080p and have support for features such as the trophy system.

Now, PlayStation Now is moreover having games of the sixth generation of consoles and for this reason in the lineup this month it received titles like LIMBO, Metal Slug 3, Mystery Chronicle: One Way Heroics, Sine Mora EX, Siren and The Last Blade 2. Also, the version of BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma Extend available in the service now is that of PlayStation 4.

Here’s a list of the games that joined PS Now today:

1. Ape Escape 2
2. Dark Cloud 2
3. Hot Shots Tennis
5. Metal Slug 3
6. Mystery Chronicle: One Way Heroics
7. Sine Mora EX
8. Siren
9. The Last Blade 2

In case you do not know, PlayStation Now is a streaming service that gives access to a games library for PlayStation 2, PS3, and PS4 from platforms such as PC or Sony’s current generation console.

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