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Playing video games at work increases productivity and reduces stress

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Every so often a research center surprises us with certain types of studies on video games and now so it is the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) US to ensure that playing video games at work increases productivity and reduces the stress of employees, as reported by the CNBC media.

This study put 66 people to perform repetitive computer work to then give them a rest and divide them into two groups. The first group was able to rest with a guided relaxation system, while the second group was allowed to play Sushi Cat, a puzzle video game.
The result was that, after the break, both groups were relaxed, but those workers who could enjoy the video game were more energetic and more willing to continue working.

Therefore, the NBCI study concluded that playing video games at times of rest at work may be more beneficial to employees than other activities, increasing their productivity and reducing their stress.

In this sense, researchers recommend that we should take small breaks from time to time to perform activities that are pleasing to us, such as playing some video game that may distract our mind from the routine of work.

A curious study that shows a new beneficial aspect of video games, like the one that said that they are better than s*x to reduce stress, and that contrasts remarkably with that other study that claimed that video games drive unemployment.

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