Playground Games: Xbox One X Will Lead Platform for A New Unannounced Title

From the 1080p and 60 fps possible on Xbox One X for Forza Horizon 3, to the brute force of the new hardware that will be used on the new project not yet announced.

Microsoft Xbox One X

During an interview with Digital Foundry, the Forza Horizon 3 software house, Playground Games, talked about its next project (which according to some rumors could be Fable IV), confirming that Xbox One X will be the reference platform for the game development.

The team has also confirmed that it has not yet exploited all the power that the console can unleash, and this will be useful on upcoming projects where Playground Games will use the brute force offered by Xbox One X.

In that sense, Playground Games confirmed the following: “We are obviously beginning development on a new unannounced title right now. And the development platform for that game is Xbox One X, which is great for us, and ultimately for the players in a number of ways. First of all, it’s great to develop for, it’s incredibly powerful, it has more memory than we’ve ever had. So it’s a great piece of kit to be developing your game on. And the easier and faster you can develop, the more things you can get done,” declares Playground Games.

The developer, however, is keen to point out how Xbox One and PC will not be neglected, despite the focus on the premium console: “I definitely think that during development, we see trickle-down benefits to other platforms we develop for, such as the Xbox One, or even PC. And I think that comes from the standardized unified test tools we are working on,” explains the software house.

Although at the moment they do not have further details on the new project of Playground Games, we know that the team is working on a new open-world RPG. According to some rumors, the software house might be developing Fable IV.


  • Sooooooooo…….an unannounced title that could theoretically be years out and a team that wants to “brute force” the power available as opposed to coding properly/efficiently??

    How about making these games with the hardware that was of ten years old from the last generation……!?!

    Previous generation hardware proved that power in the form of such amazing hardware wasn’t truly needed. People needed to code for it all as opposed to this lackadaisical approach in wanting more and more in the ways of just hardware.

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