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Players Can Earn Money With Epic Games Store Via Support-A-Creator Program

Given the popularity of Fortnite, Epic Games Store found a good way to reward players of the famous Battle Royale through Support-A-Creator, while making more people talk about the game. Today, Epic Games announced that this program will also reach all the games in its online store.

Through Twitter, the official account of Epic Games Store announced that the Support-A-Creator program will also be available in all games of the online platform, helping thousands of streamers who have found in this support a good way to monetize.

Recall that this program was implemented in October of last year. Thanks to it, Twitch and YouTube streamers could receive money when any player entered the Epic Tag of the streamer in the store within the game. For every 10,000 V-Bucks, the player of the said Epic Tag would win $5 USD.

In the same way, Epic Games will apply the program for the sale of the games in Epic Games Store. First, users who want to be part of the program must register and promote their Epic tag and obtain credit in transactions. The profit of each sale may vary according to the developer, but the minimum percentage is 5%.

In the video accompanying the message, Melissa Dingmon, administrator of the company’s community, explained how the program works and how they settled the idea. “Millions of players have supported their favorite creators and have made a huge impact. We were inspired to extend the program, and in December we made Support-A-Creator a permanent fixture,” Dingmon concluded.

How do you see the strategy of Epic Games? Do you think that with these programs you can easily gain relevance in the field of digital stores? Tell us in the comments below.

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