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Here’s How To Play Sea of ​​Thieves Ahead of Its Release Time, Now


Sea of ​​Thieves, the pirate title that Rare developed for Xbox One and Windows 10, will debut tomorrow on March 20. To ensure a smooth launch, Rare will release it in stages in different countries. Do you want to know what time you can start playing? Then you’ll be glad to know that we already have that information.

According to Rare, pirates from India will be able to sail the seas of Sea of Thieves beginning at 12:00 PM, Indian Standard Time (IST), on March 20. On the other hand, there are some players who have managed to play the game ahead of its release time.

The trick is to simply go to the Windows 10 Setting -> Time and Language and change your region. In any case, at the top of the news, we have presented the list of all the schedules of Sea of Thieves that will be available in various parts of the world.

We take the opportunity to talk about Sea of ​​Thieves to tell you that Microsoft broke a Guinness record with the aim of promoting the new game of Rare. On the other hand, the company organized an exciting contest in which, players who solve a certain enigma, will earn a real treasure.

Sea of ​​Thieves is on its way to Xbox One and Windows 10. We remind you that it will be a game that is part of Xbox Play Anywhere and has crossplay support. In addition, we remind you that it will be also part of Xbox Game Pass, a service that, in exchange for a monthly subscription, gives you access to a library of digital games.

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