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Play PS4 Games on PC via Unofficial Remote Play application, launching soon

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A developer proposes a rather interesting application that allows the Remote Play of PS4 games on PC, including providing the opportunity to use our keyboard and mouse as controllers. Explanations are given below.

For many players, the fact of playing on PC ensures high accuracy in the controls, because of the use of the combined keyboard/mouse. If all softwares do not come on this platform because of exclusives on consoles, a solution has to emerge to play PS4 games on PC.

Remote Play PC App
Remote Play PC App

A developer known by the pseudonym as Twisted announced the existence of an application called “Remote Play PC” on its official website, for, as the name suggests, to switch the display of a PS4 game on PC, as Sony offers with the PS Vita.

Small detail of importance, it is possible to use our keyboard and mouse to play some game titles such as inFamous or Destiny, albeit with some lag due to the potential transfer of wireless data.

This application, however, is revealed to be unofficial and paid one. It will take between 6.5 poudns and 10 dollars for the privilege. The output of the software has not been revealed, but the developer intends to work on the project full time, to offer a software increasingly stable, and adapt it to other operating systems.

While waiting to acquire this application, here is a video that presents its use.