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PlatinumGames Director Wants A Nintendo Switch Micro, Calls Previous Models “Half-Baked”

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The Nintendo Switch Lite was released just a week ago and has several consumers happy. That said, there are also those who would make adjustments to the console to present a similar concept. One of them is Hideki Kamiya, the Director of PlatinumGames, who wants Nintendo to prepare a smaller version.

What we mean is that, through Twitter and Instagram posts, Kamiya revealed that he would like Nintendo to launch a Nintendo Switch Micro. According to the creative, this console should be smaller than the Nintendo Switch Lite by presenting dimensions similar to those of the PlayStation Vita.

“Just compared Taura’s Switch Lite, Yamanaka’s Switch, and my PS Vita. I would say it’s pretty small, but I want a (Switch) that’s about the same size as the PS Vita… this feels half-baked..,” Kamiya said on Instagram.

On Twitter, he said that “I’m waiting for the Switch Micro to launch.”

Unfortunately, Kamiya did not specify what else he would like to see in a hypothetical Nintendo Switch Micro, so we don’t know if he would add any other features. We will have to see if at any time Nintendo responds to the request and creates a console with the ideal dimensions for this creative.

And what about you, do you think someday we will see a smaller version of Switch Lite? Tell us in the comments below.