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Platinum Games could be teasing Bayonetta 3

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If you are a fan of the Bayonetta title, you may have noticed that Platinum Games has been very mysterious since the beginning of April. This time, the studio placed a series of Bayonetta videos with wit*h phrases, which are repeated 3 times.

Through their YouTube channel, we can see 5 different videos, with the names “Don’t f*ck with a wit*h”, “Do you naughty little angels deserve a good spa*king?”, “The kind of wit*hes you don’t f*ck with”, “Now it’s time to be naughty” and “Bust a cap in yo’as*”. Speculation did not wait on reddit, and many claim that this is a nod to the future of the series, namely the announcement of Bayonetta 3.

With the latest clues from Platinum Games, we can assume that the studio is sending a message to the fans. The fact that the same scene is repeated 3 times, causes many to suggest that it is the third installment of the series, although there is nothing official at the moment.

The truth is that these videos were used on the Japanese page of Platinum Games, to talk about the translation of the game and the meaning of some strong words, but continues to be strange that, for this exercise, the video must be repeated 3 times.

This is not the first clue provided by the studio, because under the April Fools’ Day, Platinum Games has released a game on Steam containing a hidden message, which was involved with the arrival of Bayonetta to PC.

Also, a recent update for Bayonetta for PC added an avatar of Vanquish, which suggests that the game will also come to Steam. With these new cryptic videos, we no longer know what to think.

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