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What platforms are the most recommended for content?

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If the content is king on the Internet, video is your best asset. People look for moving images more than texts or photos—more than anything, for the comfort of watching the video instead of having to stop reading. As a fact to take into account, the most used among the video platforms. YouTube would be the second search engine like google or bing. But uploading videos to the websites can mean a decrease in their loading speed, due to the weight that these formats support and, consequently, the loss of visits and conversions, which negatively results in positioning. If you are searching for the platforms are the most recommended for getting videos to the content then you are in the right place .


Getting know: Which platforms are the most recommended for my content?

Here is two most popular social platforms , that are a great source for adding relevant videos to the contents:



  • YouTube
  • Vimeo



YouTube: the king of video – platforms are the most recommended

platforms are the most recommended

As already explained, YouTube is the reference search engine for more and more people around the world. Although it was a safe business from the beginning, its considerable growth came from its purchase by Google in 2006. The company paid the figure of $ 1.65 billion.


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From there, YouTube was incorporating new functionalities to be able to give the best service to its users:


The inclusion of video searches on Google through YouTube.

In 2007, the management of copyright included avoiding the plagiarism of videos or the use of music without the permission of its creators.

YouTube Insights launched in 2008. It is a platform that analyzes channels and videos in the purest Google Analytics style.

In addition to sending them to email. In 2009, the company also allowed publishing content in 3D and HD (1080px).

President Barack Obama was the first president in the world to do live streaming in 2010. During that same year, YouTube launched its movie rental service and redesigned its home page, which is in use right now.

Such is the power of YouTube that it is said to have revolutionized the cultural industry as it was known.


How to embed a YouTube video on a website?

Making a video uploaded to YouTube seen on the web is very simple. Simply, you have to search on the platform, and you must search for it in the share menu (just below the timeline). In this tab, there are three options: share, insert, or send by mail. The second is the one that will provide the necessary code to add it on the web, so it is feasible to modify its size and even the player if desired.


Vimeo: the one chosen by professionals

platforms are the most recommended


The Vimeo platform, created in 2004, is the favorite of image and sound professionals to upload their works and share them with people. You need to register to upload videos, create a profile, comment, or create lists. Vimeo is the best platforms , the most recommended for getting videos. 

One of the peculiarities of Vimeo is that it not allow uploading television spots, as well as demonstrations of video games, pornography, or any content that violates intellectual property rights.


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Conclusion on platforms are the most recommended

Since 2013, Vimeo attracts more than 100 million unique visitors per month and has 22 million registered users. Many artists, groups, and singers use this platform to share their videos, and Barack Obama also uses it to broadcast their appearances in high definition.

Because, precisely, the quality of the videos the great bet of Vimeo. Since 2007 it supports high definition videos, 1,270×720 pixels. Once a user uploads a video, the platform automatically converts it to Flash VP6 format.