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Plants in home: cozy and healthy

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Houseplants create atmosphere in the home

From ‘urban jungle’ to ‘little cactus’ in the windowsill, houseplants bring atmosphere with them. How about a cool creeper along that bare wall or beautiful hanging plants on the ceiling? Plants brighten up your living room and make that empty corner in the kitchen that little bit cozier. Even taking a bath becomes a lot more relaxing with a large fern next to it. Make sure the plants in your home are in places where they feel good. Then they are at their best. In Sweden houseplants are very popular where they are called ‘’vaxter online’’ or beställ blommor’’. Throughout all of Europe houseplants are one of the most sold plants for households. 

Dry Flowers

The trend of this moment: dried flowers. With their candy pastel colors, elegant flowers and graceful sprigs, they steal everyone’s heart. Arrange them airily in a glass vase or tie them together and place them in a rustic vase. Dry flowers make ideal bouquets, they last wonderfully long and last as long as you want them to. If you spray a little hairspray on your bouquet, they will attract less dust. Still spotted dust? Then shake them out carefully outside.

Dry flowers are a little picky about where they are placed. They don’t like full sun. That can make their colors pale. So feel free to put them in that one corner where regular plants find it too dark. No, not in the kitchen! The delicate flowers don’t like the greasiness that can descend on them in the kitchen. Choose the spot where you put them with care, because your dried flowers don’t like to be moved.

If you follow these simple ground rules, you will enjoy your dried flowers for years to come. Quite right, then, that these flowers are so popular!

Silk flowers

Super convenient for anyone with little time or who is not often at home: silk flowers. Silk flowers are available in many different qualities and price ranges. If you want an eye-catcher that you will enjoy looking at for a long time, don’t be afraid to invest a little more in good quality. These flowers may seem a bit pricey, but they are indistinguishable from real ones and, of course, you will do with them forever.

The colors of silk flowers are bright and intense and they can be arranged and rearranged. The stems are usually made of bendable plastic, so you can arrange the flowers and branches playfully. Are your flowers getting a little dull because a layer of your dust has gotten on them anyway? Make some soapy water in a bucket and gently rinse the flowers in it. After drying, they are beautiful as ever and you have a good excuse to arrange them all over again.


Paper flowers

Have you ever thought of putting flowers made of paper in your vase? In the right vase, such a bouquet can look very artistic. You can buy paper flowers or make your own. Many examples can be found on the Internet.

Paper flowers also do not necessarily have to be in a vase. It is quite obvious that they do not need a vase, so why not hang them on the wall? Buy a ring and arrange your flowers on it. Or tie a wire around their stems and hang a few in a row from your ceiling.

Another nice thing about paper flowers is that you can make flowers that are not found in nature. How about a completely white bouquet, or flowers in the colors of the rainbow? You can let your imagination run wild. And have you had enough of your bouquet? Then make another set of flowers in no time, in new shapes and colors.