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Randy Pitchford Clarifies He Doesn’t Know If Borderlands 3 Will Be A Microsoft Exclusive


Given practically for sure, even in the absence of an official announcement, Borderlands 3 has been the focus of some controversy after the news of Microsoft’s acquisition of the rights to marketing the game, an operation that could also be linked to a possible exclusive of the game for Xbox and Windows 10.

When questioned about the possibility of this exclusive on Twitter, however, the boss of Gearbox Software, Randy Pitchford, said he knew nothing about it. His answer was actually very funny.

In that sense, Pitchford said the following on Twitter while answering a question of a fan: “I know absolutely nothing about any of this. You asking me about this is like me asking you to clear up confusion about a story someone wrote about how you have sold your 6th child’s dna to a clone farm in South America. Can you clear that up for me? It’s stressing me out.”

Borderlands 3 recently appeared in an information claim that Xbox would have commercial agreements with Splinter Cell and Cyberpunk 2077 among other releases to be highlighted in the coming months (and years).

Regarding the information that has generated such “confusion” among some fans, the agreement seems to be more aimed at publicity issues than a possible exclusivity or scoop of the featured video games.