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Piggy Chapter 8: Here’s Everything That You Know About The Gameplay!

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Minitoon created the game Piggy, and its seventh chapter has been completed. The game is now in the next chapter, where the player solves problems and finds lost Piggy.

Piggy is a horror survival game where players escape from the location. They caught from motors and completed their mission tasks. Let’s talk about all the details of the game. In the game, there will be lost Piggy, and players are police officers who use intelligence and face challenges during the game.

Release Date

Chapter 8 will be released anytime in April 2020 because the game is in the testing phase. This testing phase also delayed due to COVID-19. But fans are so excited to play Piggy. The game will be released soon after the testing process. However, we don’t know the exact date when it will reach.

Game Play of Piggy Chapter 8

There will be several small cases which used to escape from the dangerous monster and complete the mission. The player finds lost Piggy called George and reaches the house where he sent last time. When the player reaches nearby, he will hear some noise from the bushes and get attacked by the pig.

At this time player tries to survive and after that player reaches the police station and shocked by the incident that happened. Well, another monster will attack the police station, and players find Doggy.

After that, Doggy and the player try to escape from the monster in the car, but the gas of the car ends in the middle of the city. Basically, the game follows at these incidents and situation makes where player hard to escape from monsters.

The player reaches in the middle of the city along with Doggy where monsters reach along with their team. The player discovers that they are converted into an evil spirit.

Well, they decided to sleep under the tree, and at the midnight police wake up and tell Doggy is missing. This horror game is well praised by the fans and got a positive response.