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Phoenix Point Has Been Delayed To June 2019

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Julian Gollop, the historical developer of the XCOM series, announced in the last update for the baker, that the release of his new title, Phoenix Point, was delayed to June 2019.

Through a post on its official blog, Gollop stated the following: “When we launched our crowdfunding campaign for Phoenix Point in May 2017, we hoped that the game would be well received. But what has happened since has been phenomenal, with increasingly strong pre-orders and great press coverage. People’s expectations are higher, our team is growing, and Phoenix Point has become a bigger game. In order to realize this potential, we need to push back the target release date to June 2019.”

The goal is to take better care of the quality. One of the reasons for the slowdown in development seems to have been the difficulty of finding capable developers. Gollop thought he would do it in less time, but it was different.

Funded through FIG, Phoenix Point is a turn-based tactical game in which – as with the X-COM classic and the reissue of Firaxis – one fights against an alien threat on Earth, which was released by a virus. In the year 2057, the aliens have greatly decimated humanity. The last humans live in isolated enclaves and hope for the rescue by the Phoenix Project. About 80 to 90 percent of the game time should be spent in the tactical battles, which will be round-based. The lead developer is Julian Gollop (XCOM inventor).

Recall that, Phoenix Point will release on Microsoft Windows, Linux, Macintosh operating systems in June 2019.