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Phil Spencer: Xbox Scorpio has a amazing progress

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In recent statements, the top leader of Xbox, Phil Spencer, announced that Project Scorpio is progressing according to plan and he is confident that there will be no problems for the date which is agreed as the launch, at Christmas 2017.

Phil Spencer

“I’m in a day-long review of where the team is on Scorpio right now,” Spencer said on his official Twitter account. “We have an amazing progress and we feel that we are well on schedule,” said the manager.

These words of Phil Spencer who happen to share earlier this month, declared that Project Scorpio is not only going according to plan, but also going ahead according to schedule of the hardware manufacturing. “The teams understand the performance spec that we’re building. We went through some of the high-level specs at E3 in the video. And it gives the teams time to make sure that they’re targeting that performance for their games. Luckily so many of both our internal teams and partners are also building on PC,” he said on that occasion.

Project Scorpio was presented at E3 2016 and was described by Microsoft as the most powerful console ever made. Different managers and developers have stated that this will be a premium product, suggesting that it will not be very economical and accessible; however, the price of the device has not yet been revealed.