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Phil Spencer At CES 2019: Xbox Scarlett Will Be Powered by AMD Technology


Xbox Scarlett, the next-generation console of Microsoft currently under development, will be powered by AMD technology. Phil Spencer appeared on the stage of the AMD conference at CES 2019, confirming that the future Xbox platforms will be driven by their technology.

During the conference of AMD at CES 2019, Phil Spencer, the head of the Xbox division of Microsoft, appeared on the stage, who talking to Lisa Su, the CEO of AMD, has confirmed the partnership of Microsoft with AMD also for the new Xbox platforms.

Spencer has not made any particular announcements and has not disclosed details about the new console, limiting himself to saying that AMD and Microsoft will still work together on Xbox, but its mere presence is to be considered indicative. For the rest he talked about the potential of the cloud and the great work done on the backward compatibility.

If we want to interpret his speech, it is easy to say that the backward compatibility will be present even on the Xbox Scarlett and that Microsoft is focusing very much on Project xCloud, at least for the future (we do not know how remote). In short, there are no big news, but many confirmations for sure.

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