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Phil Spencer: Xbox is having a good generation but we can always improve

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Jason Schreier of Kotaku has posted a Tweet in which he stated that “Microsoft clearly cannot compete with Sony on exclusives. They should take the living room PC approach with Scorpio. Succeed where Valve failed,” a statement that has been answered by part of Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox division.

Spencer commented on the words of Schreier: “Strange comments. Xbox is having a good gen, our best yet. Xbox One S strong since launch. Can always improve but proud of where we are.”

In a second Tweet, Spencer responds to a fan who accuses the house of Redmond for not having firing enough cartridges to “face” the advance of the competition, a clear reference to Horizon Zero Dawn: “Gamers want good games. Proud of our first party this gen, can always do more. Xbox gamers demand alot, we’ll work hard to deliver,” Spencer responded to the fan.

Some days before, Phil Spencer answered many questions from fans and revealed some of his future business appointments, of course all this happened on his Twitter account.

Spencer, as we said, will be in Japan to meet some third party publishers. Here’s what he said about: “It was great to have Final Fantasy XV on Xbox One, but we know that our users want more.”

Then he came back to talk about next console of Microsoft currently in development, Xbox Scorpio. He said he will bring  games that will run on it to show why it will be worth owning.

He would like to have a big baseball game on Xbox platforms, and mentioned that there will be the opportunity to introduce Civilization Revolution on the list of backward compatible games on Xbox One in the near future.