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Phil Spencer: Xbox Game Pass “early signups and feedback have been really strong”

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Xbox Game Pass is available from a few days to those who have subscribed to Xbox Live Gold, who have already had the opportunity to test the quality of the new service offered by Microsoft. The response of the players for Xbox Game Pass seem to have been very positive, as pointed out by Phil Spencer himself.

The launch of Xbox Game Pass is set to release for June 1 but Xbox Live Gold members can now access a free trial for the total duration of 14 days. For those not yet familiar, the new service offered by Microsoft offers a catalog of 100 titles variable at a monthly cost of $9.99.

Discussing with fans on Twitter, the leader of Xbox has in fact responded to a user who expressed his satisfaction well: “I’m glad you like it.  Just the start but the early signups and feedback have been really strong, thanks for that.”

Replying to the question of a second user, who hoped to see the catalog up-to-date with the latest video games, Spencer added: “We expect you’ll see some games cycle in and out each month but a large majority will stay for multiple months.”

Xbox Game Pass, already available in free trial version for Gold users, will be available to all other holders of Xbox One as of June 1.

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