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Phil Spencer: Xbox does not need to rely on Gears and Halo

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Speaking to the microphones of GamesIndustry, Phil Spencer talked about the absence of Halo and Gears of War at the Microsoft Conference of E3 2017, declaring that the brand of Xbox does not need to rely solely on these two IP to offer something interesting.

According to Phil Spencer the absence of renowned franchises like Gears of War or Halo is not a problem, indeed it would demonstrate the ability of Microsoft to set up an interesting show.

“If you looked at what we did on stage yesterday, [there were] 42 games, 22 with console exclusivity. It was a breadth of content all Xbox One gamers are going to get to play, from core early adopters–things like Anthem and Metro–but also Minecraft, Lucky’s Tale, Ori… these games that I think are more family-focused and friendly,” Phil Spencer begins.

When he is made aware of the absence of two important names like Halo and Gears, the head of the Xbox division commented: “I was proud of that, actually. We showed 42 games. From most people, the reception I received is that we were able to run a great games show that went over our 90 minute time slot, and Gears and Halo weren’t there. People know we own Gears and Halo, and those are important franchises for us, but I saw it as a strength that we were able to have a strong games show and not have to rely on Gears and Halo to be part of that.”

Finally, Phil Spencer has confirmed that the respective Halo and Gears of War team are working on new chapters of the franchise, reassuring fans of the two historical IP.

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