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Phil Spencer would love to see “Mario on Xbox”

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Interviewed by AusGamers site, Phil Spencer talked, among other things, about his love for Nintendo and how in the future would love to see a game of Super Mario on the Xbox, despite being aware that his desire is destined to never stand in.


“I’d love to see Mario on Xbox. As someone who’s been in this industry and played games forever, I’ll still say it: Nintendo has the strongest first-party of anybody. They’re just fantastic and the memories that they have instilled in so many of us, who’ve played their games and had those delightful experiences, having those on Xbox would be great,” Spencer said, who continues then speaking of the relationship between Microsoft and Nintendo:

“Our relationship with Nintendo? They are definitely excellent. Minecraft is our IP and is selling really well on their platforms, and what about the Mario Skin Pack for Minecraft? Many people ask me questions like …. I’m a big Nintendo fan and I think they’ve been incredibly important for the games industry, they do a great job with younger audiences, and if we ever had a chance to work with them in the future, I would absolutely do it.”

A sincere admiration of Phil Spencer towards the home of Kyoto.

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