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Phil Spencer: We will remain committed to Xbox Play Anywhere

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On the occasion of the launch of Halo Wars 2, the leader of Xbox, Phil Spencer, is back to talk about Xbox Play Anywhere, a service which allows players to purchase a single version of a title and use them both on PC and console.

“The most important thing for me about Xbox Play Anywhere is letting you play games anywhere you want”, were his words at the Halo Wars 2 launch event. “And people will talk about it like, is it selling more games? Is it about monetization? I’m just like, I want our Xbox customers to be able to play their games, if they’re at a place in front of a PC, they can play, if they’re on console, they can play.”

“we talk to our developers, and what they say is that the people who play on both platforms play more. And I think that’s validation of the program. It’s not about where customers buy their games, it’s not about whether PC is bigger or console, it’s just about giving people more opportunity to play.”

“And I’m really committed to Xbox Play Anywhere, and it’s really great to see the third party support that we are getting,” he concluded.

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