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Phil Spencer: Virtual Reality will not replace Television

During an interview with LEVELUP, Phil Spencer, director of Xbox, discarded that virtual reality was to replace the TV or the traditional game controller and stressed that, as technology, virtual reality is still in a very early stage in its development, similarly in which, developers are still trying to figure out how to create fun experiences.

They asked Spencer if, as a peripheral, the virtual reality Will pass the test of time that many other accessories have not passed, to what he replied the below:

“I like the virtual reality, as technology. I believe that, for many of us, it is the beginning of that experience. And I see what many companies are doing, in terms of putting products on the market as PlayStation VR, Oculus, Samsung Gear, HTC ─ and we are seeing more and more of them,” he said. “But for me, we are at the beginning. If this will still be with us in 10 years or 5 years, it depends on the content and whether the creatives find a special formula to build games and experiences. I trust that they will achieve it and I think we are at that comfortable point where people are experimenting with what makes a great VR experience but it is very, very early. ”

With regard to replacement of traditional medias for game, Spencer categorically ruled it out. “No. For me, the communal nature of the group of people gathering around the television to play together or sit and play in front of a screen is something we will have for many, many years,” he said. “I think virtual reality is a special experience; it’s something different to play on TV or monitor. I think it’s something that can exist in parallel with that just as with the consoles and the computer coexist. I think virtual reality can be the same,” he concluded.

Microsoft announced, in late October, multiple virtual reality glasses, manufactured by third parties and compatible with the program of creation of Windows 10, which are distinguished by operating without the need of additional cameras and affordable prices that starting at $299 USD. Sony, meanwhile, launched PlayStation VR last October 13 in the US and it will reach Latin America next year.

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