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Phil Spencer Talks About the Announcement They Left Out of E3 2019

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E3 2019 was left behind and one of the most important presentations in this edition was Xbox from Phil Spencer, which was considered good for the number of games announced and the information revealed about its services.

It is no secret to anyone that the Microsoft gaming division has invested heavily to strengthen its first-party offer and the expectation around the upcoming games is high. Fortunately, it seems that everything is going so well that Xbox had the luxury of leaving some announcements outside E3 2019.

During an interview with Kotaku, Phil Spencer, head of Xbox and vice president of the gaming division of Microsoft, spoke about the announcements that were presented during the conference of the brand in E3 2019. Regarding that issue, the executive highlighted the number of projects that are in development and considered that the best part were those things that were decided not to reveal: “One of the nice things I loved about [the E3 2019 Xbox briefing]—at least they would be more in my head than they would be in public—was the things that we didn’t show. I think about of the 14 first-party games, 12 are shipping in the next year. We were really able to focus on what’s coming now, which I think is awesome. And then I think about the studios: where was Initiative? Where was [Forza Motorsport studio] Turn 10? Where was Playground’s second team?”

Later, Spencer highlighted the current moment of Xbox and the studios with which the brand has since found the way to work better and give each team their space so they can exploit their creativity: “I think quality of first party is very important, so I’m totally with you there. We did reach a time in our first party where the number of games and studios that we actually had and were investing in put a lot of pressure on everything that we were doing. And it became more difficult to manage a portfolio when you kind of needed everything at any point to hit the date that it had picked three years ahead of time at the very high level of quality.”

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