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Phil Spencer suggests Project Scorpio will cost not more than $600 USD

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One point that has raised concern about Xbox One Scorpio, defined by Microsoft as the most powerful console in history, is how much the system will cost. Especially if it will be much more expensive than the PlayStation 4 Pro.

Xbox Project Scorpio

However, in a recent statement with WinBeta, Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, said that although it is a premium product that will not be cheap, nor will a higher price than another “which has already heard in the video game industry before.” This could be a clear reference to PlayStation 3 console more expensive at launch and which had a suggested retail price of $600 USD in 2007.

“When we designed both of these, which we kind of designed it in parallel. We thought about the price performance of what we wanted to hit with the Scorpio, relative to what we were going to be able to do with the S. So that we would have a good price continuum, so people wouldn’t look at these two things as so disconnected because of the price delta,” said the executive.

Aaron Greenberg, another Microsoft executive, also used the term “premium” when asked about the price of Xbox One Scorpio, so the mystery will remain in the air longer.

Meanwhile, PlayStation Pro will cost $400 USD, and will arrive in the month of November. Xbox One Scorpio is scheduled to be released in late 2017.

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