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Phil Spencer speaks about Japanese Publishers support

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Phil Spencer answered some questions on Twitter related to the support by the Japanese publisher. The head of the Xbox division has reiterated that his recent trip to Japan has been very fruitful in this regard and that there will soon be news about it.

Phil Spencer has just returned from a trip to Japan that seems to mark the beginning of a new joint work between the American consul and the Asian market. The head of the Xbox division responded to several tweets on his account giving further details.

In a Tweet the example is cited of Final Fantasy XV as a successful case of an Eastern game on Xbox One and confirmed that other JRPG will arrive on the house platform of Redmond and presumably Xbox Scorpio. There seem to be news also from China, with the recent release of Candleman, first Chinese game for Xbox that Microsoft urges to support, and talked about the announcement of the final edition of Recore, an intellectual property which he said still has potential.

Phil Spencer seems to be very optimistic about the support of the Japanese publisher third party and it is not excluded that Scorpio may have a line-up with richer JRPG and Eastern kind of titles.

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