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Phil Spencer says Xbox Play Anywhere Third-party adoption “will happen in time”

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Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, said he believes that the third party publishers will join Xbox Play Anywhere when they you see how well it works for Microsoft with their games.

Xbox Play Anywhere

For now the initiative of Xbox Play Anywhere is limited to first-party titles from Microsoft, however, Phil Spencer, the head of the Xbox division, believes that over time we will witness a membership of third-party publishers for this initiative.

Phil Spencer is convinced that we are going to see more developers that will support Xbox Play Anywhere program once they have seen how it is going to go for Microsoft.

“I’d say some of the bigger traditional third party publishers, they want to see how this works out for us,” Spencer said. “There’s always a fear that you’re ‘giving away two games for the price of one’. I’ll say I think there are very few people that actually buy a game twice, once on PC, once on console.”

“Really what you’re doing is you’re just allowing the customer you already have to play your game more often. In today’s world, engagement on games is more engagement on games, [and] is almost always a good thing, given multiplayer and the business models around those games. I think the third party big publisher adoption will happen in time.”

For now, the first three games using Xbox Play Anywhere program are Forza Horizon 3, Gears of War 4 and Recore. For those who do not know, the Xbox Play Anywhere allows us to buy the Xbox One version of a game and receive the Windows 10 version at no extra cost. In addition, Play Anywhere also has cross-save, which allows you to continue progress on any platform, and cross-play, which lets the players of Xbox One to play with players of Windows 10 and vice versa.

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