Phil Spencer responds to Pachter about the Xbox Scorpio price

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Phil Spencer, director of Xbox, talked about the price of Xbox Scorpio and the affirmation of the analyst, Michael Pachter, who in recent days said that Microsoft would commit suicide if Xbox Scorpio was more than $399. The person in charge recognized that the console, scheduled to debut in a year, will be more expensive than the Xbox One S because it is a product for high-end consumers, but denied that Microsoft’s success depends only on that decision or that product only.

Xbox Project Scorpio

“Scorpio will be a premium console. It will cost more than S, obviously, this is how we are building it up. We have not announced the pricing yet, but want to make sure that the investment we are making in the product of Scorpio goes hand in hand with the requirement of high-end consumer and that means a higher price,” said Spencer, adding that “There is not a single product you see and say ‘this is the product that defines how you are doing in the market’. It really is the repertoire of all products with prices and when we think of Scorpio it is for a high-end consumer who demands the maximum of a console, and the console built to meet that demand.”

As an example of his point, the executive recalled the uncertainty that the announcement of Xbox One S caused for some but stressed that the pessimistic projections were not met and stressed that the key is to be transparent with the products, capacities and prices. “No, I do not think there is a single product that is a key to success.”

Regular bundles of Xbox One S (the limited edition of Gears of War 4 is an exception) range from $250 USD and $350 USD depending on the capacity of the hard disk and the games included, which gives us an idea of the cost of Xbox Scorpio, premiering, if all goes well, next year end.


  • well with the ps4 pro literary catching on fire and having worse frame ate then the ps4 if the xbox Scorpio is even $500 its still worth it for native 4k which the pro cant do.and im not talking about remasters of the remasters…lol

    now on the other hand if its more then $500 id rather sink that in to my pc.

  • If it launches at the same price as the original XB1, Scorpio will be a steal. Anyone who complains about a $500 6TB machine that’s capable of REAL 4K is an idiot….and/or a pathetic fanboy who has no interest in owning one anyway. Even at $600 it would be a good deal, but there would need to be at least 1 game bundled. I’m betting on $500 for a base Scorpio, and $600 bundled with an updated Elite controller, which would be amazing.

  • Pro is capable of 4k just fine, I doubt this is going to be doing straightforwards. At any rate this sounds like they expect it to be expensive….

  • Patcher is a moron who RARELY gets anything right. Not only that but every one who is not mentally defective knows that its going to cost more then the XBox ONE s and more then the PS4 PRO because its a superior product to the PRO. If you cannot afford it for think its too expensive, buy an XBox ONEs. There are options!!!!!!!! The success of it is not dependent on it being the same price of the PS4 PRO. Patcher is a moron. Id say at $500. That would be a sweet price. It has to have a 4k player in it though and at least be 2tb.

  • Its a fact. The PS4 PRO is running some games WORSE in FPS department. Even the PS fanboy site Eurogamer is testing this and admitting to it. About it catching fire….. I havent heard anything about that.

  • LOL…that should obviously be Tflop. But hey, if MS were to drop a 6TB SSD in there, I wouldn’t complain. đŸ˜€

  • You’re better off just waiting like 1 year or 2 and getting the PS5 to be honest. It’ll probably be 25-50% less and more powerful. I’m sure people can survive not buying an over priced box for a year or 2.

  • Or you can just wait a year or 2 afterwards for the PS5.

    By that argument though everyone who bought an Xbox 360 was an idiot, because the PS3 did like 200 TFlops comared to around 80 on the Xbox 360.

    Teraflops isn’t exactly a meaningful phrase for gaming. It’s just a way idiots try to quantify things that are hard to quantify. Really optimization is the number 1 thing. If you optimize for the hardware, it’ll look way better, no matter how much shit you throw at it. This is especially evident when a game is running at 24fps and then they throw on a patch and it gets solid 30 far more often.

  • Basically what’s happening is that companies are running the game at a higher resolution and then down sampling to 1080p, when it seems like just having the resolution at 1080p native is a much better alternative.

    I chalk it up to developers rushing to put out a patch for no reason. I personally blame the interns they have churning out these patches. đŸ˜€

    No but in all seriousness this is just some weird growing pains thing.

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