Phil Spencer reiterates his disagreement with the Console Wars

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Phil Spencer, the acclaimed boss of Xbox, has been an industry figure who has always been expressed against the so-called console wars and that has struggled to have a healthy environment where consumers do not have to choose sides and conflict with those who choose the products of other companies.

Before E3 2017, Spencer had declared on Twitter against this situation and said he was in favor of “the great games” no matter what platform they came from. Today, the boss of Xbox has reiterated on the issue in an interview with GameSpot.

With the official presentation of Xbox One X, some media and fans soon questioned Phil Spencer about his vision of the industry in a framework of competition between the new Microsoft console and PS4 Pro, however, the head of the Xbox division was contrary to this type of thinking: “I think the infighting that I feel both on the internet and I’m sure what you see on your message boards, it doesn’t feel like an investment in what does it mean for gaming to grow. We don’t have to see another company fail for us to succeed. It’s not part of the math for running a business.”

On the other hand, the head of Xbox has expressed about the current state of consoles and the way they survived the onslaught of mobile devices a few years ago: “Five years ago, when I was here, it was all, ‘the death of consoles, everybody’s going to play on their iPads, why don’t you guys go home? “Those were the questions. And now… Sony’s doing really well, we’re doing really well, the Switch has come out of the gate incredibly strong. So that feels good.”

“It’s a great time to be in this industry, and for people to try to make this industry about fighting with each other, opposed to growing the industry itself, I just don’t think is a long-term view on an activity I love, which is playing games.”