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Phil Spencer: Project Scorpio will play some games in native 4K

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After the confusion due to some specifications on the technical characteristics of Project Scorpio, the next console of the Xbox One family, the head of the gaming division of Microsoft, Phil Spencer, took to Twitter to clarify that this new system does bear games with native 4K resolution.

The response on Twitter was more than simple and forceful. When a fan asked Spencer if Scorpio would be able to play in 4K natively, the head replied “Yes” without further explanation and without turning down the answer.

In another tweet about it, Spencer stated: “Honest my focus is just on getting games ready to show and play. That will be the explanation. I’m confident in the results.” Meanwhile, since last year, Microsoft has clarified that all of the company’s first-party games will run on 4K native.

This makes sense if we think that the company has not stopped promoting Project Scorpio as the console “with real 4K”. Perhaps now what is pending, is which third-party developers, in addition to Microsoft’s studio, will have the ability or will be interested in bringing their games to native 4K resolutions.

Ultimately, the decision is made about the resolution used by game developers. Even if the Xbox Scorpio has theoretically enough power for native 4K, developers could still opt for lower resolutions to achieve even better performance.