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Phil Spencer: Partnership With Sony Will Also Make Microsoft Grow

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In a recent interview granted to Kotaku, the Xbox boss, Phil Spencer, was able to talk about Microsoft’s new market strategy and the collaboration with Sony, which will allow the Japanese company to use Azure cloud technology and both to work in synergy to develop new solutions.

In this regard, Spencer was first proud of Sony’s decision to rely on Azure technology: “Sony and Azure looking at the future of cloud gaming. We look at what you’re going to need in order to be a future gaming platform—content, community, and cloud are things that we focus on—and there are only a couple of companies on the planet that really have a global cloud that can reach gamers everywhere. Today, it would be us and Amazon in terms of the scale. Google’s building their cloud.”

Rather than creating a network from scratch by investing billions of dollars, Sony, therefore, preferred to look for a partner, and the choice ultimately fell to Microsoft, which was also an expert in the gaming field.

Phil Spencer then pointed out that Sony is not the only video game company to rely on Microsoft technologies: “We have this thing called Microsoft Game Stack. We announced it at GDC: it’s DirectX, it’s Windows Studio, it’s Azure. Even [Google’s Phil] Harrison when he was on stage announcing Stadia was showing Havok, was showing Digital Studio, was showing things that we build—we’re going to have platform components, as Microsoft and as our gaming org that competitors use.”

Finally, he also admitted that the partnership with Sony will also contribute to the growth of the same Microsoft platform: “We do think about the strength that we get as our platform grows and having great partnerships with gaming companies helping us grow that platform strength is important to us.”

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