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Phil Spencer reiterates on VR: “We’re probably a few years away from it being able to really work”

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During the Giant Bomb’s E3 stream, Phil Spencer returned to talk on the topic of VR, confirming once again their enthusiasm for the technology. However, the head of the division of Xbox argues that it is still too early to feed big expectations on console.

According to the words of Spencer, the VR is not yet ready to make its entrance in the living rooms of console players and families. “Long term, I’m a big believer in the category,” Spencer said. “I think it’s incredibly immersive … My view is that in the family room environment, we’re probably a few years away from it being able to really work. I think the cords are an issue. That said, the manufacturers that are out there, it’s great that as an industry we are investing. This is what the game industry should be about, is investing in new technology.”

“We’re saying let’s stay more on the PC where we are seeing action and developer interest until we really get the art form of what it means to create great MR experiences,” he further continued. “And then it can go to more places. I do think we need to lose the cords at some point.”

Although Phil Spencer has never ruled out support of the VR on Xbox One X, the head of the Xbox division prefers to contain the hype of the console players, inviting them to wait a few more years before we see a significant advancement in technology.

As for the other side of competition, however, we remember that PlayStation VR has sold nearly one million units after six months of life.