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Phil Spencer: Microsoft Is Not Planning To Make Its Own Battle Royale Game

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According to the head of Xbox division, Phil Spencer, a Battle Royale from Microsoft is not scheduled. He added that fans should not expect it from Microsoft. There will not be, at least soon, a first party video game developed by Microsoft on the theme of Battle Royale. Fans must calm their expectations.

Spencer acknowledged that the Battle Royale is a genre of success, but that does not mean that just because everyone makes one then Microsoft should get on the bandwagon. He also commented on the success of PUBG and Fortnite, adding that although other developers are creating several variations of the Battle Royale genre, Microsoft is not interested in developing the first party of this kind, unless it can create something unique, that gives new impetus to the genre.

Unless Microsoft has an interesting new idea, making a new title like that would not make sense. We certainly cannot expect a standalone game of this kind from any of the Microsoft studios. The company is more interested in current titles to show at E3 2018 and remember that Crackdown 3 still has to come out. The possibility that an existing title has the Battle Royale mode is not remote.

Lately, Microsoft has underlined in the financial quarter a growth of the gaming department: there is a considerable increase in revenue thanks to the Xbox games. Gambling revenue increased 18% year-on-year, revenue growth of 24%. In short, even if the console does not have many exclusives, it still keeps tens of millions of subscribers to Xbox Live and takes the + sign. In short, the gaming side of Microsoft is definitely not in crisis.

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