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Phil Spencer leaves his impressions after playing Crackdown 3 and Phantom Dust

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Crackdown 3 and Phantom Dust are two of the upcoming games that we will enjoy on our Xbox One, if all goes well. Phil Spencer, head of the brand of Xbox, already has been able to play both titles and left his first impressions through the social network of Twitter to reassure users.

A follower asked the executive to show gameplay of Crackdown 3 since it seems that 2017 will be a little loose for Xbox One.

These are the words of Spencer on his official Twitter account: “Just played Crackdown 3 with Shannon Loftis, it’s the best CD experience I’ve ever had. The control of the character, the world is full of life, there are diversity of enemies, really fun.”

Besides this, Spencer, provided new information about Phandom Dust which has not been known for months: “And I got a short look at Phantom Dust with Shannon Loftis and Ken Lobb (Partner Creative Director at Microsoft Studios), game really holds up, team is doing nice work.”

It seems that the new proposals from Microsoft for Xbox are continuing its course and going very well, and we hope that we will not have to receive news similar to those of Scalebound for which Phil Spencer already talked about earlier.