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Phil Spencer: I Know We Should Invest More in Our Content

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Things start to look better for Xbox users, according to Phil Spencer. We know that The Coalition is working on a new project, possibly a Gears of War title. Also, everything indicates that Playground Games are developing a new Fable game. These are just some examples of what Xbox One users can expect in the future.

Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, is aware of the criticism for lack of games on the console. For this reason, during an interview with Venture Beat, the executive spoke on the subject briefly. As you will remember, Spencer stated that they were already working on new first-party titles for Xbox One. According to him, this trend will continue from now on.

“I’m not deaf to the meme out there regarding our content and our need to invest more. Definitely, we are at a point where we’re investing more and we’ll continue to do that,” said Phil Spencer. On the other hand, the executive said that they will also bet on expanding the reach of their teams and their future projects.

The manager talked about the arrival of Matt Booty to the Microsoft Studios team. According to Spencer, Booty will renew with his experience all the plans of the company regarding the development of new games.

“As we expand, having a leader in place so new investments can be driven and land in the strategy we have is going to be critical for me. That’s really where I look at Matt’s focus: both the existing franchises, and equally, if not a little more, thinking about our future content and how that growth happens in a thoughtful way, a way that delivers for our fans,” added Spencer.

With this scenario, everything indicates that it is a matter of time for Xbox to strengthen this point that has been criticized so much by the community. Apparently, there will be some surprises at the Microsoft conference at E3 2018, as Spencer promised positive changes.

In related news, Halo Wars 2 will arrive on Xbox Game Pass in February. As we talk about this service, Microsoft said they plan to turn it into their video game Netflix.

When do you think we will start seeing the results of this Microsoft strategy? Tell us in the comments below.