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Phil Spencer joins Microsoft’s Senior Leadership Team

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Phil Spencer, vice president of Microsoft Gaming and director of Xbox, is now part of Microsoft’s Senior Leadership team, which is comprised of the company’s top internal advisors. This means that games have taken a significant role in the future of Microsoft and it is necessary to have a representative who runs all businesses in this area.

The team consists of 16 people, where we find important members such as Terry Myerson, executive vice president of the Windows group and devices; Rajesh Jha, executive vice president of Office products; Judson Althoff, vice president of global business; Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft; among others.

“Phil Spencer is executive vice president, Gaming at Microsoft. In this role, Spencer is accountable for leading Microsoft’s gaming business across all devices and services,” Spencer’s profile states. “With his team and game development partners, Spencer continues to push the boundaries of creativity, technical innovation and fun across gaming genres, audiences, and devices.”

In addition, Microsoft’s latest report revealed that while the More Personal Computing division saw total revenue decline, video game revenue increased by 3% from last year’s figure, primarily for services such as Xbox LIVE, 53 million users. “The strength in Xbox software and services offset lower hardware revenue,” the company said.

Spencer has been instrumental in improving the Xbox brand in recent years, as the console received a lousy reception when the previous directive wanted to focus on a multimedia environment instead of making a gaming platform. He thanked everyone on his Twitter account and noted that this is another opportunity for gaming.

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He has been part of the Xbox team since 2002, shortly after the debut of Microsoft’s first console. In 2014 he took the reins of the brand and is now directing the efforts of his team to launch Xbox One X, a console that will be available later this year.