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Phil Spencer: Idea for Scorpio was born with the overclock of Xbox One S

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During an exclusive interview with Xbox On, Phil Spencer is back to talk about Xbox Scorpio, the powerful console that Microsoft intends to present again at E3 2017 and launch on the market by the end of 2017.

While not anticipating much, Spencer revealed some particular dynamics that led to the creation of Xbox Scorpio. With the aim of verifying how the games could run even better, Microsoft has made an overclock of Xbox One S: This was the starting point that kicked off the work of Scorpio.

Microsoft has now made the port of different engine to the console, and according to the words of Spencer, it will just be the owners of Scorpio to benefit from the higher quality version of the third-party titles.

In the same interview, Spencer also stated the reasons why Microsoft has chosen to entrust the technical reveal of the console to Digital Foundry. Apparently, the Redmond company wanted a presentation that was the most authentic and transparent as possible. Spencer, in fact, had no idea of what was said on the console by the British colleagues, and this led him to live with the situation with particular apprehension.

Recall that Microsoft will return to present Xbox Scorpio during at E3 2017 in Los Angeles.

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