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Phil Spencer: Video Games Are A Very Special Art Form


Yesterday, the Xbox boss Phil Spencer intervened during the Extra Life show to discuss some of his thoughts on video games and to reveal anecdotes about his work, the team and the consoles of the Redmond house.

First of all, Spencer considers video games as a “very special art form”, and believes that they can be a really good thing for society. He also believes that Microsoft has the unique opportunity to make gaming accessible to many new people, and despite the enormous competitiveness of this market they would not want to be monopolized by a single company, an event that could harm the whole industry.

Spencer then revealed that he was directly involved in the discussions about the initials of the consoles, S and X, and that at the end of numerous brainstorming sessions, meetings with the marketing department, and careful research to prevent broken brands from being registered, it was him to make the final decision.

Phil Spencer has defined the “fantastic” Xbox division, full of brilliant people (“the best in the world”) and full of ideas, which unfortunately cannot always be put into practice due to lack of staff, time and money. In any case, he claimed to love his job literally.

What do you think of his words? We remind you that the latest Microsoft console, Xbox One X, is currently available for a price of $499. According to what was stated by the CEO Satya Nadella, the fans are reserving a great reception of the new console.