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Phil Spencer explains his recent statements on single-player games

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A few days ago, we have reported the statements of Phil Spencer regarding single-player games, and the role that they recited in the current gaming landscape.

According to the leader of Xbox, the story-driven titles have become less of an impact on the mass of players, who now prefer to opt for multiplayer games that enjoy a long-term support.

Words that have moved some doubt in the minds of lovers of single player games, some of which have communicated their disagreement on social networks. Spencer has then intervened to clarify his previous statements. “It’s healthy to disagree. I love playing SP games. Point is majority of play today is in service games, that’s just a fact.”

So, according to the specifies Spencer, it does not mean that Microsoft will focus on all multiplayer titles from now on. Indeed, it is his desire to give developers single palyer titles with all the help and tools they need to ensure that this sort can continue to be successful. “Not giving up at all, have to listen to devs on things platforms can do to help their business,” Spencer further commented.

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