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Phil Spencer confirms work on Xbox Scorpio is progressing well

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As always very talkative on social networks, Phil Spencer has exchanged some words with a fan who asked for some clarification on the launch date of Xbox Scorpio, the new console of Microsoft coming by 2017.

While not revealing anything more than what we already know, Spencer has confirmed that work on the new console of Microsoft is progressing very well, and that there are no problems whatsoever changing the plans of the software giant.

In addition, the leader of Xbox wanted to congratulate Tarsier Studios for a job well done with Little Nightmares. A user in particular, however, has found a strange fact that Spencer has put a lot of emphasis in a multiplatform title, and he did not fail to make him notice. “I’ll never feel strange promoting great games.  You should play it on the platform you own..,” Spencer replied to the user on Twitter.

More information about Xbox Scorpio are expected during E3 2017 in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, a video posted recently offers us an overview of the Dev Kit of the console, which will arrive on the market by the end of 2017.