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Phantom Dust might be playable before E3 2017

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The reboot of Phantom Dust was announced in 2014 but has unfortunately clashed with numerous production problems which have also led to the change of the development team. Now it seems that the work is proceeding smoothly and there are those who assume a chance to see the game before E3 2017 that is to be held in June.

After the official cancellation of Scalebound, the thoughts of the Xbox players is going to other Microsoft exclusive that you do not hear for a while, like Crackdown 3 and Phantom Dust. If, in the case of the first game, it seems that things are proceeding, although silently, on the second it was directly Phil Spencer to reassure the minds.

Chatting as usual with his fans on Twitter, Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, has revealed that the remastering of Phantom Dust for Xbox One will be available before E3 2017.

In fact this hypothesis seems unlikely, the rumor comes from a Tweet by Phil Spencer, who responded with these words to a follower requesting information on the Phantom Dust game’s release date: “Shannon Loftis owns the date, we’d like to have you playing before E3 this year.”

A simple desire or real hope? After the cancellation of Scalebound, the same Spencer had reassured fans about the future of Phantom Dust, however at the moment it seems unlikely that the game will come out in the next five months.